Indian Cab company, OLA Cabs has announced a new cab service under the name off “OLA Credit” that allows the users to book cabs and pay later on. This move was initiated after the firm announced that its users are facing problems while booking cabs after the demonetization of 500 and 1000 Rupee notes by the Indian Government. For now, the limit to book cab on “postpaid” is set to 7 days and after these days end the rider or the customer would be asked to pay money for the ride he/she took.

According to the company this move has been taken only after the firm noticed its users to be facing problems while booking a ride or even while recharging through firm’s own wallet service OLA Wallet after the demonetization of 500 and 1000 Rupee Notes by the Indian Government.

The users as stated would have to pay back after the credit validity period ends that is 7 days but as per company’s statements, this limit can further be “extended” for those users who have a good track record of usage of OLA Cabs. The users can pay the amount via net banking, debit card or credit cards.

OLA Credit by OLA cabs

Raghuvesh Sarup who is the Chief Marketing Officer and Category Head at OLA stated, “Ola Credit is a global first from Ola to keep India moving towards a cashless economy. Ola Credit provides hassle-free mobility to citizens who can now pay later for their rides when cash conservation is important for many citizens. Our deep commitment towards the Indian market, combined with our experience in payment technology helps us to contribute to a digitally enabled India”


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