Ola Cabs, a Bangalore based cab service which has its reach pan India has updated its app with a new update. This update would help a lot of people who need a cab urgently and at the same time are out of internet coverage as with this update subscribers would be able to book cabs without internet connection.

At present the feature is limited to only metropolitan cities but as per time will pass it will also be rolled out of suburban areas as per the company.

The good part of this update is not only the offline cab booking but also there is no limitation of buying the costly cab only for this feature to be viable, you can pick from any cab ranging from Micro, Mini, Prime and Lux for your service as all will be available for offline booking.

Ola Cab Users would now be able to Book Cabs Offline: Report
You can now book Cabs offline through OLA App

This update is said to be a competitive strategy to let Uber’s sales go down as at present Uber is the most used cab service in major parts of India.

What The Company Has to State On This?

Ola said is a public statement issues recently, “Ola has been piloting the feature in smaller towns and cities since June this year . The need for access to mobility even in the absence of Internet connectivity and constraints in the current data and connectivity infrastructure, has paved the way for the launch of this innovative feature for India . Although over 46 crore people in the country today have access to Internet, a vast majority of the population, mostly in the smaller towns, still struggles to get adequate data connectivity. The problem is still worse for people who are on pre-paid services and India is a big pre-paid market.”

Ola : Book cab offline

The company has also stated that days after launching this service in Pune and Nagpur people started giving positive feedbacks about the service.

With the launch of ‘Ola Offline’, Ola seems to be aiming to reach out to maximum of the lot who just get ignored because of slower or no internet connectivity issues.


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