We saw Uber updating its app that now lets you call an Uber cab by just telling Siri, Now you can ask Siri to call or message particular contact on WhatsApp and now its turn of Microsoft to play its cards. Recently Microsoft announced an update to its VoIP application – Skype which now allows users to make Skype calls through Siri. Not only this, the new update lets the user make as well as answer a Skype call through lock screen too.

Now Make Skype Calls With The Help Of Siri Voice Recognition Feature

The new update’s change log as on iOS store is as follows –

Skype version 6.25:

  • Use Siri commands to quickly start a Skype call
  • Answer Skype calls from your lock screen, just like a regular phone call
  • Seamlessly store your Skype contacts into the contacts list built into your iPhone
  • Pay for Skype Credit in Israeli Shekels
  • Invite your friends to Skype directly from the contacts list
  • More easily differentiate between your contacts and bots in the contacts list

The new app now comes loaded with SiriKit which allows you to call over Skype just like you place a normal call through Siri, Just ask Siri to do so and if the contact information of particular Skype user is there on your phone the call will be placed.

To eradicate errors, Skype will again ask you to check whether the picked up recipient is the one you wish to call or not so that duplicate named contacts doesn’t mismatch.


Not only this, regular Skype calls would also be seen just like a normal call without Skype App UI opening to give more “professional” look. You can choose between picking it up and cutting it off the same way you do with your normal network calls.

Even messaging over Skype is simple as you can head over your contact list and choose the recipient whom you want to message and this way you can message them even through Skype without the need of even opening the application.

The new update brings lots of possibilities on Skype with iOS 10‘s SiriKit. Now everything depends on how much the user base appreciates this change.


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