We all love chatting over WhatsApp and more of fun comes in when while chatting in a WhatsApp group, All of the fun begins when more of people are there but a lot of confusion also comes in if a specific topic is running over for a person and even that person is confused about for whom the topic is running over.

To overcome this problem partially WhatsApp previously released an update that allowed users to reply to one particular message by tagging the message itself, thereby bringing clarity in group chat topics.

Now You can Tag Individuals in Any WhatsApp Group with the New Update

But now WhatsApp has decided totally overcome this problem and with new application update now you can “mention” a particular person for a particular message over a Group chat too.

This new feature is live and is now available on both Android and iOS store. You just need to update your application and you’ll also have this new feature by WhatsApp.

So, How To Make Use Of This New Update?


To make use of this new feature by WhatsApp you just need to open that particular group in which you want to make use of this feature and type “@” in the chat box.

While you’ll be doing so, you’ll be seeing contact list in the chat box itself showing the names and images of group participants. Then by clicking over a name, you’ll now be able to send a message especially personalized for the person tagged in it.

Although others would also be able to see it but this time WhatsApp will make it clear to them that for whom this message is so as to clear confusions.

Now you won’t be facing criticism in family groups for not “mentioning” name of the receiver in the message, you can do it simply by just using [email protected] sign and tagging the one for whom the message is.


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