A new announcement has been made by Instagram highlighting a new feature in the upcoming update. The upcoming Instagram Update brings a new function and is a must to have feature. Many of the users would be very happy after seeing it there on Instagram.

Instagram Update : What Exactly Is this Feature about?

The feature that here i am talking about is comment moderation feature which will allow users to moderate the comments that they get on their pictures or video uploads by the help of a list of words that they’ll provide to the application.

Instagram Updated with "Moderate comments" function
You can now moderate comments on Instagram

This feature was already launched a few months ago on Instagram but was not provided to general public and was at first only limited to businesses but with recent announcement it is made clear by Instagram that this feature will be hitting every Instagram account with the next update.

One will now have the ability to either enable a filter that will block a default list of words set by Instagram to hide from their photo comments or they can just choose certain words that they don’t want to see in the comments on their posts.

To make Instagram more personalized, another new update would be coming which will now instead of showing most recent comment will show your friend’s comment first.


Kevin Systrom, CEO & Co-founder of Instagram stated “The beauty of the Instagram community is the diversity of its members. All different types of people — from diverse backgrounds, races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities and more — call Instagram home, but sometimes the comments on their posts can be unkind. To empower each individual, we need to promote a culture where everyone feels safe to be themselves without criticism or harassment. It’s not only my personal wish to do this, I believe it’s also our responsibility as a company. So, today, we’re taking the next step to ensure Instagram remains a positive place to express yourself,”

Also pinch to zoom feature for Apple iphones was also launched at the Apple iphone launch event this week.


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