According to Facebook they are going to implement an update in their website as well as application which will now allow users to buy movie tickets online while browsing Facebook. They recently partnered with Fandango to begin selling movie tickets right away on Facebook itself.

The users would be able to buy tickets from the official Facebook page of the movie itself. It must be noted that no external links would be there and everything related to booking would be done on Facebook itself after the update rolls out.


How Would This Update Work?

Firstly to buy tickets of a movie, you need to visit its official Facebook page, after opening it besides “message” “info” and other options a new “Buy Tickets” option would appear.

Clicking on that button would now open a new page in which you would now be able to opt for any theatre you wish to from nearby theatre list and after selecting your theatre now it’s time to select the show timing.

After you’re done with the show timings here comes the checkout part.

For checkout you’ll be redirected to your bank’s page and then back to Facebook after payment is done.

For desktop users the method is a bit different, clicking on “Book Now” button will redirect them to official Fandango website which will then be the gateway to book their tickets like any other online movie booking website does.

Facebook lets you book movie

At present this feature is not present in India and will come over with an update about which In mentioned.

This feature is present in western countries for now and cover a few movies only.

Fandango isn’t only approaching Facebook but is also planning to make bookings easier for Snapchat users as well as had also made an app for iMessage application on IOS 10.

Fandango clearly mentioned that in future it will also be available for more movies and more locations.


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