Apple has received it again. Nokia has sued Apple in German and US courts for using its technology patents without its permission. Apple has sued many companies and has been sued by other companies over copyright infringement. The patent wars have increased since the death of their charismatic founder Steve Jobs.

Nokia sues Apple
Apple was using Nokia’s technology patents for various aspects of its phone like touch screen interface, its user interface, patented mobile operating system softwares, other coding, antennas, chipsets and its video technology since 2011. However, they have stopped using them or have reduced the number of patents that they are currently using. Nokia was trying to get them to use more of their patents and this is where Apple’s other lawsuit comes into play.
They have sued Acacia research & Conversant Intellectual property management in the courts of USA. They believe that these two companies are using unfair practices and colluding with Nokia to get Apple to pay unreasonable prices for their mobile technology patents. Their lawyers have also stated that a few of the patents claimed by Nokia are actually not theirs and are false claims.
Apple and Nokia have had a long history of legal battles since Apple entered the mobile industry. Apple decided to settle these lawsuits with Nokia for a one time settlement along with royalty payments for any technology used in their subsequent models.
Nokia sold its mobile division to Microsoft for $7.2 billion and has now focused solely on providing mobile network equipment solutions business. However, they have had other plans and are now planning to license their technology to other companies who wish to manufacture mobile phones. They have licensed its technology and brand name to a Finnish company, HMD. This new company that is headquartered in Helsinki is made up of many ex-Nokia employees and plans to use this advantage to crack the mobile phone market again.


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