Seems like Apple Inc. is very much possessive towards the new iPhones, the reason may be anything but what’s worth watching is that it hasn’t been even a month of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus’s release and there is an official update ready to be downloaded released for the iPhone 7 Plus.

The new update is at present in beta mode and will be available to beta testers for now and is beta version 10.1. This update seems necessary for the device as it brings some enhancements and the biggest enhancement it brings is bringing “Portrait Mode” to the official Camera application in the new iPhone 7 Plus.

Iphone 7 Plus

Portrait Mode – In Depth Analysis

What basically this new Portrait mode is meant to do? What enhancement it brings? I know you must be filled with these questions.

The new Portrait mode in the camera application of the 7 Plus makes correct use of the dual camera module present in the 7 Plus, ultimately allowing users to now take more focused and in depth photographs with their Iphone.

When explained in an easy manner, the basic work of this update is to remove the entire excess and “useless” picture spoiling background and keep the subject in ultimate focus which ultimately results in professional looking photographs somewhat closer to what you get with your DSLR camera.

Sadly, as we all know there’s no dual cameras present on the iPhone 7, so there’s no need of this new update and hence this update is not likely to hit iphone 7 in any manner.

iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera

This mode was also showcased in the recent iphone 7 and iphone 7 Plus launch this month but wasn’t launched at that time. Seems like Apple was waiting for the product to launch and then launch this update so that it gets enough “hype” from everyone. As we all know that this update will let you capture great pictures but we can’t really say that would this allow the users to shoot videos or not.

Anyways one more important notice by Apple on the same update is about the perfect range to click pictures, to click perfect images the subject must be in between 8 feet range so that the mode can actually scan the subject before clicking pictures.


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