The best part of the social media platform, Facebook is that it keeps on trying to enhance the engagement of people on its site. But sometimes while doing so, there are few features that are developed by this social media giant which are similar to their rivals. Recently, a new feature or an update just similar to that of the Snapchatwas added to Facebook. And the company has mimicked a feature from Twitter.

A New Twitter Like Feature Of Facebook To Be Released Soon!

This new feature which is just similar to that of twitter is known as “What friends are talking about” and as pet the plans of social media giant, Facebook this will be done so as to increase the conversations. In this feature, the most recent posts from your posts will be collected from the timeline of your friend and then placed on the top of your newsfeed. This is a similar feature of Twitter where the tweets from a user with whom you interact get displayed first.


Right now, this feature is under trial or testing phase and can only be spotted on the smartphones that are an android version based but will soon be featured on iOS and desktop version after the test is successfully completed.

The test is being run on the basis of a new Newsfeed algorithm and as per Facebook will soon be able to provide with more and more user favored info to everyone. Now, since this feature is under trial or testing phase, it is not certain that whether the feature will be made available to the users or not. Also, the company can disapprove this feature if anything in the testing goes wrong.

But if the testing of this new feature is approved then it is certain that the engagement of people on Facebook will soon increase and as per the expectations will be loved by everyone.


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