We all know that this year we all got “end-to-end encryption” in WhatsApp allowing us to be more open to words and less to privacy as end to end encryption encrypts your message into some codes and those codes are present in the receiver’s mobile only making it safer as Government as well as even the company can’t access those chats.

So, what’s new in there in WhatsApp developers’ minds that they want to provide to their 1 billion users?

WhatsApp update

What’s this new WhatsApp Update

According to Android Authority’s latest report, the new update that’s going to hit WhatsApp users now is going to be again a privacy update but not by server’s end but it’s going to be an update through which you’ll be able to lock your chats from anyone who always tries to sneak in your Smartphone and opens WhatsApp purposely.

According to the report the new update would bring new “pass code “feature to the application allowing you to put a “six digit password” for your chats.

According to them this was a high on demand feature in WhatsApp feedback requests and finally WhatsApp seems to apply the same in the upcoming update.

The report’s small snippet reads as, Enter the current six-digit passcode”, “Passcodes don’t match. Try again” and “Enter a recovery email address”

This signals directly at the fact that if the users ever forgot the pass code for their chat then they would also have the ability to enter the recovery mail id that they would be asked to at first to enter at the time of applying the password to unlock the device if forgotten the same.WhatsApp Update

Final Words

This is pretty amusing to how WhatsApp is keeping on evolving its social messaging application for its users as they recently also included a group mention feature to its users that can be accessed only in group chats to mention a particular user in the message by using @ sign so that the user doesn’t misses over an important message.

What do you feel about this new “possible” update by WhatsApp?

Feel free to share your views in the comment section below.



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