Yesterday, Apple has launched its next iteration to the Macbook Pro series that too after 4 years of long wait. Apple MacBook Pro features a retina display which is nothing more than a secondary display to use some inbuilt features, totally depending on how you use it. There is also a Touch ID sensor inbuilt that could be used to pay without the need of passwords and login to Apple services.

In-Depth Analysis

Yesterday it was a big day for Apple fans as after 4 years of long wait they had seen the new and improved MacBook Pro being announced by company CEO, Tim Cook. Last announced in 2012, exactly after 4 years Apple showed what they were working on from the past 4 years and seriously that’s real big.

The MacBook Pro features a mini retina display named as Touch Bar which supports up to 10 fingers at once and performs majority of the “small” works we did with our keyboard at first.

New Apple Macbook Pro launched

It shows features ranging from showing typing suggestions to displaying tools for various apps to letting you send some cool Emojis to your friends over chat, everything depends on what the user is doing at that very moment.

At the Apple Fall Event Apple does shown some of the features of the mini retina display and majority of them featured  sneak peak of the functionality  of that particular display with key partners like Adobe Photoshop and Algoriddim’s djay Pro (Yes if you are a DJ then you know what I’m talking about).

Without Siri Apple is all boring and incomplete and how could Macbook Pro be complete without her? There is a button available by default especially for Siri, pressing that button that will bring you directly to her to solve all your problems.

Oh, yes one more thing unlike Apple removing the headphone jack over the iPhone series with no jack on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, there’s nothing like that here for now on the Macbook Pro, here you get a headphone jack to plug in your old 3.5 mm jack earphones. There’s a function button for it that brings all the keys back when you hold that key down.

Apple Macbook Pro  does sport a headphone jack
The new Apple Macbook Pro does sport a headphone jack

Talking more over the retina display then it has got a Touch ID segment which utilizes the new Apple T1 chip for enhanced security. You can use the Touch ID to unlock your Macbook, to pay over shopping sites and make use of Apple Pay. The Touch ID makes everything a lot easier because now you don’t need to type your passwords or even remember them.

Coming over the rest of the hardware, According to the company, this is the thinnest and lightest version of the Pro to date, with the 13-inch version of it weighing just 3 pounds and measuring around 14.9mm, making it 13 percent thinner than the Macbook Air. The 15-inch version of the notebook weighs in at just four pounds.

The display on the 15-inch version of the laptop features a 67 percent brighter display with 67 percent higher contrast than its 2012 version predecessor. The color gamut is also a quarter more brighter giving you a perfect display for all your professional or home based works.

Also, the sound system over the new Macbook is a lot more improved, seeing the 4 years gap it was obvious to see that upgrade.

Coming inside the machine, you will have the Intel i5 processor in the 13-inch version while the 15-inch version holds the i7 processor by Intel that too cooled by a new thermal architecture that is a lot quieter and heats less. Seems like Apple knew about the problems faced in the previous versions and covered them very well in this version.

The 15'' Macbook pro is powered by i7 processor
The 15” Macbook pro is powered by i7 processor

According to the company, the 15-inch version of the MacBook offers up to 130 percent faster than the last version when it comes to graphic performance and stability.

On the shell, there are four Thunderbolt 3 ports, all of which can be used to charge the system simultaneously. But when not using them for charging your device (Obviously only one port would be used to do so, 3 would still be left) you can use adapters to double them up as USB, Display Port, VGA or HDMI port. This means you will need some extra cables with you every time you go out and hit the sun.

Apple has gone this much crazy with this Macbook that it also offers you to run two 5K displays side by side on the 15-inch version but who will do that?

Again telling the headphone jack is still there and this time there’s no need of any kind of adapter.


The track pad on the same is a lot bigger now than we see on the normal notebooks. What’s new in this track pad is that it includes the Force Touch feature, similar to that found on iPhone devices.

The keyboard has been updated, and includes the “butterfly” keyboard switch mechanism making the keys more wider and crispier and vibrant at the same time. This was previously seen on the most recent Macbooks too.

The new Macbook Pro is available for order now.

The 13-inch version with standard function key is priced at at $1,499 which sums up around One Lakh One Thousand One Hundred and Thirty Two Indian Rupees, $1,799 which costs around  One Lakh Twenty Two Thousand Three Hundred And Thirty Two Rupees for the version with Touch Bar.

While for the 15-inch version you will get the entry level version at $2,399 which is around One Lakhs Sixty Three Thousand One Hundred And Thirty Two Rupees. The shipping of the entry level MacBook Pro Notebook by Apple starts today including both the 13-inch variant and the 15-inch variant. The other two versions of the same will be started to ship in coming 2-3 weeks.

So, if you are an Apple Fan boy then gear up, you have got a chance to shed your money for something seriously beautiful even this time.


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