According to a new report, a new AI Toolkit has become the new face in identifying Child Sex Abusers over the internet. The Toolkit is named as “iCOP” and is able to identify Child Sexual Abusers and the content they posted online. The toolkit has also been claimed to share the stats to the local authorities so that they be able to catch the culprit.iCOP toolkit can detect child abuse online

The above-stated report was published in the journal Digital Investigation and according to that, the Toolkit can also dig in the old and unknown child abuse matters and put them into light.

Claudia Peersman who is from Lancaster University stated,  “With iCOP, we hope we are giving police the tools they need to catch child sexual abusers early based on what they are sharing online, Because originators of such media can be hands-on abusers, their early detection and apprehension can safeguard their victims from further abuse”

iCOP when tested posted an amazingly accurate result with a false rate of only 7.9 per cent for images and 4.3 per cent for videos which is way too less than human errors.

The report also states that there are hundreds of searches for child abuse images every second worldwide, that resulted in hundreds of thousands of child sexual abuse images and videos being shared every year over the internet.

The study also noted a serious point. It stated, “People who produce child sexual abuse media are often abusers themselves — the US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children found that 16 per cent of the people who possess such media had directly and physically abused children,”


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