Online Video Streaming service, Netflix has come up with 4K streaming capability for Pcs too that are running over latest Windows version i.e. Windows 10. To avail this feature from the online video streaming service one must have some requirements fulfilled over their computer system.

It’s been a while since Netflix came in India and since then it had made a mark on online video streaming. We all know that Netflix has already allowed 4K streaming over Ultra HD Televisions and streaming boxes that have their application preinstalled from the factory but with Pcs it’s not so. The main problem here is that Netflix has not allowed 4K streaming over computer systems and the main reason for it is the fear of piracy of the content. But now the game is not the same as it was at first.

Netflix now allows 4K streaming

According to company’s official announcement, now the users can stream the video service at 4K resolution on their computer systems but that too at some conditions. To browse Netflix over your computer, you must be having latest iteration of Windows operating system installed i.e. Windows 10, also your PC must be having 7th generation Intel Core series processor under the hood with a 4K resolution display.

Now this announcement clearly cuts off the majority of the PC users in India as even if any one of the listed requirement felt short then the subscriber won’t be eligible for 4K browsing. Also there are many PC users here in India that still need to upgrade to latest “Kaby lake” processors that supports 10-bit HEVC which is a 4K video codec.

Netflix movies

Users in USA would need to pay additional 12$ per months to avail 4K streaming over their computer system and the benefit for paying extra dollars would be early access to content over Netflix.

Microsoft also seems to market its Edge Browser by the time as it claims to view and extra episode over netflix while browsing through Edge rather than Chrome or Firefox browser.


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