Mozilla the maker of Firefox has launched another browser for iOS users named Firefox Focus that focuses on user privacy at max and comes with default privacy settings. According to the company is the “default stop for privacy-concerned users” as Users are not required to make any changes to the browser in order to browse anonymously, the browser itself come with incognito mode by default. In today’s world, people don’t have much control over their digital life and literally there is no dedicated browser that helps them browse anonymously. According to the firm, watching this only they decided to launch a browser for iOS users whose work would be to let users browse anonymously without any ifs or buts. The browser has been named as “Firefox Focus” that allows the users to browse sensitive content anonymously that if revealed would be quite disturbing to the user.

Mozilla Firefox Focus for iOS
Mozilla Firefox Focus for iOS

The main benefit of this browser is that the users would not have to do any settings to browse anonymously through this browser as it comes preloaded with these settings from the first run itself. The browser is meant to disable tracking of websites and also it comes with a powerful ad blocker that blocks every annoying advertisement that spoils the browsing experience. The users would also be given the facility to browse those sites on other browsers like Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox that are dependent over tracking and won’t work perfectly with tracking disabled.

Firefox Focus browser settings

Furthermore, the users are allowed to delete their entire browsing history with a single tap saving you from hefty situations of going through a lot of menus and all when you are in crucial need of deleting the browsing history.

iOS users can download the application from their App Store by searching for, “Firefox Focus”. There is no news about the same launching for Android but all we can do is wait until Mozilla shows some light to our hopes in a positive manner.

Get Firefox Focus : The Privacy Browser


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