Microsoft has finally released the Premium version of their email service named Outlook. Microsoft has been testing out this version of Outlook since the beginning of this year and according to a report its live now for US users. Microsoft’s service page for the same also reveals the promotional pricing details for the service as well as the actual price too.

In-Depth Analysis

Microsoft has been testing a premium version of their famous email service named Outlook (formerly known as Hotmail) from the beginning  of the year and according to ZDNet’s report the service is now available to US region users of the same service. As for now there is no announcement by Microsoft for announcing the same in other nations where the free email service is present.

Microsoft Releases Outlook Premium Service with No Ads and Custom Domain

Microsoft’s has a landing page for the premium email service and according to that page the Premium version of Outlook would be costing $19.95 for now as a promotional price but the regular price for the same service is around $49.99 per year.

What’s new in the premium service is that with this version of Outlook the user would be getting an ad free experience of the email service as well as the user would also be getting free custom domain for one year with this. The user would be allowed to create 5 free emails with custom domains that could be an existing one that the user owns or could get a new one for free from Microsoft for one year, after that some extra charges for the domain would be charged.

Outlook Premium Service

Also it seems like Microsoft has limited the Premium service to select Outlook users only as there are reports coming stating that many people are not being able to sign up for the same even being there in US.

So, for now it seems like people need to wait till it starts working on every account in the supported region.


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