Meizu has been sued by Qualcomm, the pioneer in Smartphone chipset making. Qualcomm has sued Meizu for infringing its patent rights in the United States, Germany and in France too.

The complaint has been filed by the chipset maker with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) and for patent infringement it has gone with the Mannheim Regional Court in Germany.

Meizu Under Legal Hassles by Qualcomm in US, Germany And France

In-Depth Analysis

Chinese Smartphone maker, Meizu Technology Co. Ltd has been sued by the chipset making pioneer Qualcomm for infringing some patent and copyrights in three nations namely United States, Germany, and France. As per in US, the complaint has been filed to the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) that’s the uniform body for handling such cases in the nation. Talking about Germany, the matter there has gone to the Mannheim Regional Court present in Baden-Wurttemberg. In France too Qualcomm had initiated an infringement-seizure action to take note of any possible future infringement action being going to happen there in the country.

Qualcomm files case against Meizu for patent violations

In June 2016, Qualcomm had placed another accusation over Meizu and this one was for licensing disagreements. The case was submitted to the Beijing Intellectual Property Court. This was the first legal action by Qualcomm as per our knowledge as it was seeking to uphold all the terms of its landmark 2015 anti-trust settlement with China’s economic policy panel known as the National Development & Reform Commission (NDRC).


Later that month Qualcomm filed around 17 complaints in China against Meizu Technology Co. Ltd calling a direct battle with the Chinese Smartphone maker. This was all happening after both of the firms were unable to take the licensing deal to a satisfactory end they both were in. This deal was being done in US market and failed deliberately and from then only, both the firms are on fire when it comes to pulling each one down.


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