This might sound crazy but it is true, now we are far ahead from even lighting our candles when blackout occurs or even during a candle light dinner. You just need your iPhone and you are good to go. LuDela, a US based lighting solution firm has introduced a new and innovative candle in the market which can be operated through your iPhone and it even has real flame in it.

Yes the flame that burns!!!

Meet LuDela, World’s First iPhone Accessible Candle with Real Flame


 LuDela : Real Flame Smart Candle

The LuDela candle is of course the first in the market candle that features real flame and offers various modes to light up your room according to your moods, and moreover this candle is powered by just a Li-ion battery, the same battery that’s there in your Smartphone.

Also this candle shuts off immediately if it senses hazardous situations through its sensors so as to escape harming anyone.

LuDela can be operated through iphone

This candle is a clear cut definition of human evolution.

From rubbing stones to lighting up the candle with just a tap on your Smartphone also doing the same to even extinguish it sounds something like a science fiction but in reality we are evolving for good. The candle is available to pre-order at for US region only and is priced at 99$ (6,635 Rs Approximately).


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