PC Industry doesn’t seems to be in a good state as according to a report PC industry has come up to 2 year downslide this year and there are very less chances of it getting stopped. The major degrees of drops were seen in the third quarter of 2016.

In-Depth Analysis

According to an analyst firm named, Gartner, the worldwide PC shipments fell to 5.7 percent in the very third quarter of 2016 which amounted to up to 68.9 million units. Gartner today is a press conference wrote, “That marks the eighth consecutive quarter of PC shipment decline, the longest duration of decline in the history of the PC industry.”

PC market share slashes in third quarter of 2016: Report

The major regions where the drop was seen were the educational department like “Back To School as well Back To College” ones and even the new and emerging segments were affected of this downfall.

But this doesn’t seems as the larger worrying fact as the next fact is bigger than this one.

The biggest threat to Personal Computer industry comes from Smartphones. Gartner Analyst Mikako Kitagawa writes, “The PC is not a high priority device for the majority of consumers, so they do not feel the need to upgrade their PCs as often as they used to, Some may never decide to upgrade to a PC again.”

And that’s true too, the way Smartphones are evolving with rapid updates, the day is not far enough when we would be performing ever other task that the PC does on our Smartphones. Even tablets are evolving as we can see how Apple pushed its iPad range further in competition to the laptops.

Worldwide PC shipments 2016 Report

And when talking about Apple, then even Apple’s not safe of this sales drop as Apple and Lenovo are the only two industries that saw double digit drops in their PC sales rather than HP, Dell, and Asus who just suffered slight slow growth for now.

But this has a good aspect too that needs to be explained and that is that when the sales will decline then for sure the firms would be forced to create better and cheaper versions of the laptops so as to “survive” in the market and as a result the end user will be benefitted.


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