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LinkedIn no longer available in Russia: All you Need to Know

Google and Apple stores have taken down the LinkedIn App in Russia and the app shall no longer be available to Russians. This is the result of a long running feud that Russia has had with a few internet companies. Russia has always maintained that any data that concerns Russia should be housed in Russia. All the Russian authorities have asked companies is that if they operate in Russia, they need to keep that data about Russian users and companies in servers based in Russia. A law was recently passed to back this up and as LinkedIn does not meet those standards, the website and app were blocked.

LinkedIn banned in Russia: Know Why?

Though many internet companies have said that this goes against their principles, with technology giants like Google and Apple bending in front of Russia, there seems to be little hope for other companies. Complying seems to be the only other option other than winding up.

Google had earlier protested against the surveillance programs of the Chinese government and had shut its operations in China. It later complied with all Chinese regulations and operated their business in a manner acceptable to the Chinese Government. Google has also worked on making an app store specially for China in accordance with their rules and regulations.

In a similar manner, Google has complied with other laws that the European Union has set for them. Facebook is also banned in China, but it is working on making a version that is acceptable in China and is keen to enter the Chinese market.

Many observers believe that there are many other sites that have a bigger user base than LinkedIn in Russia and have not been targeted because of it. LinkedIn has just 6 million users in Russia and hence it has been targeted by the Russian authorities in a bid to control it before it becomes too big.

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