LG won't make modular phone
LG won’t make modular phone

LG is said to be abandoning the plan of having the next G series device as a modular Smartphone. LG would be releasing the G6 Smartphone without the modular capability and would be a regular Smartphone just like the present age flagships are.

In-Depth Analysis

The last G series phone from LG wasn’t a big hit. Even after becoming the first advanced modular mobile concept phone, the LG G5 was unable to gain much hype and all the expectations of LG from that particular flagship device gone in vain. To be precise with my words let me first tell you what is a modular device concept, The Modular Smartphone concept first came in light when Google came out with some sort of sample device which it named as “Project ARA”. The device would have been capable of being anything you want; from a music box to a high definition camera or to just a simple Smartphone

Project ARA was meant to break all the boundaries that the present age Smartphones lie in and that are what Modular devices are all about. Project ARA was a big flop even before release and reason being the modular segment only which wasn’t capable of communicating with third party apps properly and the project was shut down. Then LG came in and introduced LG G5 as a semi-modular phone that wasn’t fully modular but acted the same way. It also came with mods but at the end, it also faced early defamation.

LG abandoning the plan of making G6 a Modular Phone

Now, LG doesn’t want the same with its new G6 Smartphone and has planned to cut the modular Smartphone plan for now until and unless the present scenario becomes suitable to accept the entry of the kind of “futuristic” range of devices.

Modular phones on one hand, offer great opportunities but on the other hand, there are various complications too.

Ask yourself, would you ever want a device with modular capability as your premier device?

LG may not be making any modular phone

Answers may vary but for those who still want to try their hands on this new technology can further proceed to buy Moto Z range of Smartphones as they are the last hope for Modular Smartphones at present.


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