After having a lots of user base here in India now LeEco seems to be planning for its product launch in USA. These are no rumors and for true the firm is planning to invade US market as they had released a teaser on its official website stating multi product launch and also hints of its USA presence to be made on 19th October.

In-Depth Analysis

LeEco teases USA Product Launch on 19 October: Report

Through the above image it is quite clear that what products are going to be a part of this product launch taking place on 19th October. The image shows its smartphones, smart televisions, a VR headset and LeEco’s autonomous car along with its IoT-enabled bicycle. We are not sure if these are really going to launch or not but as the “official sources” suggest this might be true that all these precuts would be seen there in USA on 19th of October.

Although we didn’t saw launch of autonomous car by LeEco here in India neither the IoT-enabled bicycle was seen but what we experienced from LeEco here in India were their Smartphones, Smart Television range and other mobile accessories too including earphones, portable speakers etc.

And the way LeEco prices its products and designs them in a value for money premium look, it seems like local USA brands are going to be in a big trouble if LeEco enters US market in the next launch.

LeEco product launch

Although internationally big players in this market doesn’t need to bother much for this firm’s launch but still they would have to keep the leash tight and manage to give “better” and “value for money” cheap products so as to stop LeEco from conquering whole of the market.

Recently we also saw the launch of Le Pro 3 in China at 2,999 Yuan (around Rs 30,100). The Smartphone features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset which is the latest chipset by the company and to support it there is a hefty 6GB RAM given. There are no news of this product’s launch in India any soon.


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