Lawsuit on Facebook by Two Employees for Racial DiscriminationSocial Networking Giant, Facebook has been in a new problem and this time it’s for not responding against racial discrimination being done to two of its employees. The complainers have demanded 25,000$ each as compensation against emotional damage. Two employees of the firm have filed a lawsuit against Facebook stating that they had continually complained to the headquarters about the racial discrimination being done to them but no strict measures were being taken against the culprit.


CNET’s report on the same states, “The suit, filed on Tuesday in US District Court for the Northern District of California, alleges Facebook allowed “retaliation against the employees reporting discrimination to fester and continue” at the facility despite their continued complaints, The complaint asks for more than $25,000 in compensatory and punitive damages per plaintiff.”

The complainers have been demanding 25000 dollars each as compensation that is around 170,000 Indian Rupees. The two black employees that have filed the complaint are, Robert Baron Duffy and Robert Louis Gary. Baron is a former employee while Louis is still working with the firm.

According to them a manager used, “racial slurs when referring to black employees.” They also stated that they were being paid pretty lesser than other employees for the same work.

Sonya Smallets, who is a lawyer at San Francisco, based Minnis & Smallets is representing Baron and Louis in the case. Sonya states, “Facebook didn’t respond properly to alleged discrimination at the North Carolina facility, which the plaintiffs say took place over a three-year period.”


On Facebook’s side, they have claimed these statements as “claims without merit” and said they have “investigated and taken quick action to terminate (the manager’s) employment and provided extensive anti-bias, anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training to all data center employees nationwide”.


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