LastPass has announced that it will be making it free for everyone to sync their passwords across all their devices so as to ease it for everyone. The free users would be seeing ads but the working of the application would remain intact, the same way it does for premium users without ads.

Sync with all your devices on LastPass for free, with some ads
Now Sync with all your devices on LastPass for free, with some ads

In today’s world privacy has become the biggest concern, looking at past events like the “Dirty COW” vulnerability of Linux based devices and the recent security loop hole found in Windows devices, it has become even more important to care about your day to day privacy concerns. Security experts suggests us to stop keeping easy passwords like your name or your family member’s name or 123456789 kind off passwords but when it comes to reality we all end up doing some or the other thing of the same kind. It’s not easy to remember 1Qw54%@}&57baT or is it?


Keeping all this in mind, LastPass which is one of the most popular password management application out there has came up with a new update. Until now to sync all your passwords from one device to other on LastPass costs you subscription fee of $1 which is around Rs 68 per month. But with the new proposal this subscription fee will be no more (kind of).

It will still be there but this won’t limit your usage of the application, now even the free users of LastPass will be able to sync their passwords in multiple platforms. The main difference between paid and free users would be the advertisements. The paid users won’t be seeing any advertisement as usual but when it comes to free users. They will be served with some advertisements but this is far better than having a limited access to the application.

Isn’t it?


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