If you’re one of those Pokémon Go players who downloaded a guide on “How To Play Pokémon Go” or “How To Hack Pokémon Go” or anything related to it, Then beware your device may be one of those 6000 compromised devices according to Kaspersky Labs’ report of “affected” devices. According to Kaspersky Labs’ recent research there’s an app that sneaks itself behind the name and frame of Pokémon Go guide that seems like a guide to the player but actually is a maliciously coded virus infected application that can monitor personal data on the user’s device.

According to Kaspersky the app has been downloaded to an extent of over 500,000 times and according to them at least 6,000 devices are completely compromised still having the application installed.


It was earlier estimated by security experts that seeing the popularity of Pokémon Go, cyber criminals and hacktivists may target users of that particular application and try to steal their personal data and seeing Kaspersky’s reports this estimation seems to be true.

Kaspersky Discovered Pokemon Go Trojan App in Google Play

The virus is not any other virus that can be removed easily as it masquerades itself as a normal app; hence, bypassing itself from being detected by the Antivirus application and due to this ability of this virus, it is categorized under the Trojan category.

Once installed, the app would wait for a while to ensure that it wasn’t running on a virtual machine and trigger a message to a separate server once it was sure of the fact.

A virtual operating system is a system that gives same user experience just like that on your mobile devices which is used by security experts to test products before launching them in the market.

The criminals could then get root access to the affected mobile device and do what they like with it. According to Kaspersky this app’s malicious activities were restricted to showing unwanted advertisements only, but looking at the script of virus it wouldn’t be tough for the cyber criminals to get full access to the system and finally encrypting all user data and installing any application they want to on victim’s device.

Final Words

Pokémon Go

Google although removed the “well rated” application from Google Play store but still there were around 500,000 application installs making it possible that many devices would still be affected.

If you too installed any “guide” or “hack” over Google Play for the above mentioned game then do uninstall it, and do a fresh system install of the operating system to be on the safer side and keeping your personal data safe from getting encrypted.

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