We all know that latest iOS update brought in some very new and “innovative” (in the eyes of iPhone users) features to their device range starting from iPhone 5c to Iphone 7 Plus. In those features one feature that was really appreciable was Siri to WhatsApp integration which allowed you to know ask Siri to send WhatsApp messages or even calls to your WhatsApp contacts.

This feature made a lot of things easier for iPhone users and it seems to do its work flawlessly like anytime older.Now again a new feature of Siri is in limelight which came with the latest iOS update.

Siri now lets you book Uber Cab
Siri now lets you book Uber Cab

With this new update Siri is now capable of booking an Uber cab for you without you even needing to open the Uber application. As we all know Uber is one of the biggest cab providers in the world having services in almost every corner of the world.

And for those who travel on a regular basis via cab may find it uneasy to book daily for the same route but with this new update you don’t need to anything, you just need to update your Uber application and ask – “Siri, get me an Uber” and Siri will then start taking details from you about the cab type, route and many minute details. Interestingly you would also be informed about the Cab fare by Siri itself and this is amazing.apple-siri


How Does Siri Makes This Happen?

First of all to make Siri do all this for you, you need to provide it with the application access then Siri after taking all the details from you will find the route you told with the help of Maps application in your iPhone and then will ultimately make booking of an Uber Cab with Uber servers for you.

Final Words

What do you think of this amazing new feature of iOS 10?

Android users, Are you a bit jealous?

Well I’m not. Feel free to express your views in the comment section below.


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