An Apple iPhone 7 is said to leave a car into ashes after it burst out while the owner was away. No one is said to be hurt in this event and everyone except the phone and the car are totally safe. The iPhone has melted and had become unidentical while the car is no more of any use to the owner now.

In-Depth Analysis

If you are the one of those who always thought that it was only Samsung’s Smartphone that could leave anyone stunned with its “burning performance” then this article is meant for you as we have noe more contender to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burning fiasco and that contender is well known for “unmatched performance as well as pricing”.

You guessed it right; the device that is in news right now is the brand new Smartphone by Apple Inc., the iPhone 7. According to a report, an iPhone 7 had caught fire inside a car leaving the whole of the vehicle in flames.

This case reminds us of a similar case where a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had ashen up a Jeep in Florida.

iPhone 7 Bursts Out in a car Leaving it in ashes

According to the owner of the Apple iPhone 7 whose name is Mat Jones, he had left his new iPhone 7 under some of his clothes at the backseat of his car while he was gone out for his surfing lessons. When he returned, to his shock he saw his car full of smoke with slow burns in progress.

Jones told the news channel who reported the same news that, “Ash was just coming from inside the pants which then, once you unwrapped the pants, the phone was just melting inside of it.”

Apple confirmed its awareness of the accident and said that it will be investigating the events that led to the phone’s ignition.

The investigation will check that was the device defective that led to the burning event or it was due to some other reason.

iPhone 7 bursts

The reason for iPhone 7 bursts may be because of the fact that the car was parked at the beach with the phone still inside pile of clothes. There is a very high possibility to the fact that the heat generation took place in the car that sped up the ignition process of the already burning Smartphone.


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