According to a report released by VeriSign Inc. on Wednesday, around 7.9 million of domain names were added to the domain name directory in the second quarter of 2016 only. VeriSign Inc. is a global domain and internet service provider (ISP) and according to the firm this growth is being achieved at a rate of 2.4 percent more over first quarter.

The Company also stated that with the addition of 7.9 millions of domain names, now we are having around 334.6 millions of registered  names as of June 30 2016.

Two Top Level Domain’s (TLD’s) .com and .net only saw a massive growth in the second quarter of 2016 with a massive aggregate of 143.2 million domain name registrations in the domain name base which is around 7.3 percent of increment in sales as compared to last year.Internet Is Having 334.6 Millions Of Registered Domain Names: Report


Only in the second quarter cutting out of the aggregate we saw around 8.6 million domain names registered with .com and .net TLD’s in the second quarter of 2016 which is lesser than that of 2015, In 2015 these both TLD’s when combined saw sales around 8.7 millions of .com and .net but aggregate of 2015 was lesser than that of 2016.

The company stated “During the second quarter of 2016, Verisign’s average daily DNS query load was approximately 130 billion queries per day across all TLDs operated by Verisign, with a peak of nearly 179 billion queries, Quarter over quarter, the daily average query load increased 4.9 percent and the peak decreased by 5.0 percent. Year over year, the daily average query load increased by 17.0 percent and the peak decreased by 1.5 percent”

Final Words

Number of domains on internet 2106

Finally, with these figures, we can conclude that now even smaller firms are also coming forward towards digitalization of their businesses and this is important too because in coming days being digitalized would be an ace in the deck for every firm in the market. So it’s better to start early.

What do you all think of this growth rate?


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