Intel Security Group (formerly McAfee Inc.), the security subsidiary of Intel Corporation has outlined a new and enhanced strategy towards protecting the present day organizations. Intel believes that today’s economy with the rise of digitization has become more of a digitally powered economy than being the physically powered economy of the past.Intel Security outlines a new Strategy to protect Digital Economy

Intel Security has recently announced a new strategy which is presented by introducing an enhanced unified defense architecture, which has been designed to power up the present day organizations. This move has been taken by Intel so as to protect present day economy which Intel believes in more of digitally powered economy due to the rise of digitization which at one end brings prosperity but at the other end it gives rise to high risk of security breaches too.

Intel Security states that world’s economy is no longer a physical one because we daily experience how fast the number of interconnected networks and systems is growing putting everyone at the risk of security breaches and in this even every digitally powered organization is included.


Chris Young, who is the Senior Vice President and General Manager at Intel Security Group states, “Cybercriminals are forcing cyber security companies to re-draft the rules of engagement for defending the civilized world; to effectively counteract them, we have to abandon old security playbooks to become more unpredictable and collaborative and make cyber defense a priority. Our strategic charter is simple, yet disruptive: integrate, automate and orchestrate the threat defense lifecycle to drive better security outcomes – ultimately reducing more risk, faster and with fewer resources.”

Intel Security

Intel Security’s new unified architecture is basically empowered by four key integrated systems namely, Dynamic Endpoint, Pervasive Data Protection, Data Center and Cloud Defense, and Intelligent Security Operations.

All of these systems precisely work together to multiply the effectiveness of the security system providing backend as well as frontend protection to the organizations as a whole. Also the firm has announced that soon they will be launching the McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL) that will help the the industry with a concrete solution to disrupt the cyber attacker’s motives.


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