Instapaper acquired by Pinterest News consumption website, Instapaper is in news for being acquired by Pinterest in August this year and not only this, after being acquired by Pinterest, the firm decided to go fully ad-free and from today itself the service provides free access to its premium services to everyone. The subscribers who had already paid for this service would be refunded back their money according to their usage basis or days left basis according to company’s policy.


Believe it or not but Instapaper has always been one of the best sources of ad free news consumption experience for the premium subscribers. With features like ad free experience, text-search for all articles, text to speech playlists, ability to take unlimited notes, speed reading, and Kindle Digests with up to fifty articles, this service was a value for money product.

Instapaper being used

But today Instapaper decided to go ad free to all of its users including the free ones. This move was in work after the firm was reportedly acquired by Pinterest which is a “visual discovery tool” according to them.

This was told to the media via a tweet by Brian Donohue, who is the CEO of the company. His tweet was, Some of the best work we’ve done for Instapaper have been in our Premium features, which are available to everyone for free as of today!”

Now here comes the question about those subscribers’ money that has paid for the service as a whole, like the yearly pack. To their comfort, the company has started to initiate the refunds for the service to the premium subscribers and they will get refunds on the remaining period of their subscriptions, and the billing will eventually stop for further periods.

Instapaper site

There were some concerns about the health and future progress of the company as running a service completely ad free without any hidden charges makes sense only to a non-profit organization and Instapaper is not one of them, but Brian Donohue explains that there is no need to worry about and new features will continue to be added to give users the best possible experience that too for free.


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