Instagram is said to be testing Live Video feature on their photo sharing social media application. It is being reported by Russian news website named T Journal featuring the app showing live functionality embedded into the Instagram stories tab, with a bold “LIVE” banner that indicates a LIVE video featuring in your stories section.

In-Depth Analysis

According to a Russian news website named T Journal, The social media platform, Instagram that is meant for photo sharing has come up with a new feature for its application and that is – Going Live over Instagram.

Instagram testing Live Video feature

Recently we saw Facebook even opening its doors for Android users to go live over their application, a feature that was first meant for iPhone users only was now live for all. According to the report it was always on hype that Instagram is going to launch their LIVE feature soon as Facebook thinks that fully immersive live experiences are the key to the future and you won’t be shocked to now know the reason of the company’s heavy investments in virtual reality region.

Facebook wants to crack the code of the way people react to advertisements and seeing them LIVE is the best thing anyone can get right now according to the social media giant.

The report states that when clicked on the LIVE button over Instagram, then a user interface came in which included a giant red button stating “Go Insta!” Further clicking on the button should have took the reporter to some relevant search but ended up showing error which means this option is still in Beta phase and would take time to hit the original app.

Instagram Live video feature

Apparently Instagram wanted to add some new features to their application so that they don’t get left out in the race to be at the top and to do so Instagram added similar looking feature as we see in Snapchat and named it, “Instagram Stories” and it is already a hit. Total 300 Million users access Instagram daily and out of those 300 Millions of users, 100 millions prefer Stories tab the most.

The report further stated that the user that gave T Journal the news discovered the live button while trying his hands over the beta version of the app on Android.


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