Instagram announces that it will bring their much used Stories section to the explore tab of the app too. This move is to counter Snapchat in their own game and also to make it easy for those people to find stories who visit explore tab to find something new over Instagram.

In-Depth Analysis

Today the photo sharing social media networking app, Instagram announced that they will be soon rolling out an update that will bring the Instagram stories in the explore tab also. The explore tab is the tab where all those people looking for new content go and find all the public posts from those who they’re not following, whereas the stories section is the same as what we get over Snap (formerly known as Snapchat). The Stories section was made so as to blunt Snapchat’s reach and regain all those lost users who had gone to Snapchat just because of the similar “memories” feature over the rival app.

Instagram Bringing Stories to their Explore Tab as Well

According to Instagram this new update is because of two reasons, first for making it more convenient for explore tab users so that with new images and videos they also get to see new stories and secondly for making Snapchat lose in its own game, as it is the primary location for youngsters to come and share their stuff and Instagram wants to capture that too.

But there are still many options that are not present in Instagram’s stories section that the “memories” section of Snapchat has got, and the biggest one is the face-altering filters feature. But with time we can expect Instagram to bring all this too over their app obviously with a new name.

Instagram Stories Update

The newly announced stories section of Instagram takes up to one third of the daily 300 million user base of the application counting up to 100 million users surfing the Stories tab only. This makes it quite easy for all of us to guess that how beneficial the new update would be going to be for the explore tab as well.


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