Google Play store apps: most downloads from IndiaWith expanding number of cell phone makers and diminishing expenses of Internet data plans, India has taken the top spot in the nation with the most downloads on Google Play store in 2016 — outperforming the US. This data has been published in a report from the analyst firm App Annie’s 2016 Retrospective report.

In 2016, India surpassed the US as the second largest smartphone market due to a large increase in the number of domestically produced smartphones. This is only the beginning, however, as India’s smartphone penetration is still below 30 per cent and its overall economy is poised for massive growth,” App Annie’s report stated.

The aggregate downloads from the Google Play Store in India remained at 6 billion, nearly took after by the US in second position, with Brazil in third. Revenue wise, Japan came at the top, US and South Korea on second and third separately. This implied, India was spending far lesser than different nations.

Mature markets like the US and Japan are shifting from a download growth phase to one characterised by expanding app usage and revenue growth. Meanwhile, emerging markets like India and Indonesia are still experiencing hypergrowth in app downloads,” the report adds.

App Annie’s report information expresses that the application downloads developed by per cent when contrasted with 2015, with time spent on applications developing by 25 per cent. This has driven app store income for distributers on iOS and Google play hides away by 40 per cent.

China had taken the top spot in 2016 for most income for the iOS App Store. App Annie considers that 2017 is good to go to be another huge year for the application ecosystem. “As technology and business models continue to evolve, apps will play an even greater role in transforming, disrupting and creating opportunities for companies and industries, both old and new,” App Annie states.


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