The Internet Freedom Foundation has raised some concerns over TRAI’s future plans to roadmap public Wi-Fi’s across the nation. IFF states that requirement of KYC and Adhaar details of every user who uses public Wi-Fi can create some serious consequences in the long run. Recently Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), has given a consultation note to the government in which it had listed some plans to roadmap a web of public Wi-Fi’s across the nation. According to TRAI’s plans every user that would try to connect to one of the public Wi-Fi hotspot would be required to enter his/her Adhaar and mobile number which in return would treat him with an OTP (One Time Password) which could be used as the login password at the gateway.

IFF raises concern over TRAI's public Wi-Fi model

The Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) states that requirement of Adhaar from each and every user is unnecessary on the one hand and on the other it can lead to potential risks to the system too. According to IFF, people willing to hide their identity over the public Wi-Fi’s would be forced to use proxies, VPNs and highly secured web browser’s like TOR to feed their hunger of anonymity which could be further extended to be used by Terrorists and other anti-social elements whereas keeping a verification free system would help the government in better tracking of each and every user first hand.

Also, IFF states that proposing free public Wi-Fi to the general public could slow down the growth of broadband connection round the nation which is an another problem.

I would like to ask IFF one question and that is, even if you remove the verification model out of your public Wi-Fi system then too what guarantee is there that anti-social elements and terrorists won’t use proxies and TOR to hide their identity? As then too they would need to hide their identity.


Anyways according to me the Government needs to look into this matter too and should prefer the Adhaar model as it would limit misuse of the whole of the public Wi-Fi model.


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