Nintendo seems to be ready to shun its current generation Wii U’s production this year. This has been anticipated by the notice given by Nintendo to its UK based retailers to put on their final orders for the Wii U home based console.

The same has been read on Gameseek UK’s website, a UK based retailer of Nintendo. The short snippet of the whole post is, “Nintendo is now taking final orders on Wii U consoles. Those that haven’t ordered by the end of next week (Friday September 30) will not be able to order the Wii U again from Nintendo, Is this Nintendo’s last roll of the dice with the Wii U so they can plan to give retailers details about the new hardware next month? Is something exciting due to be announced in October?”

Home Based Console Wii U's Production To End Real Soon: Nintendo

This snippet also indicated toward launch of a newer version of the home based console. According to the reports, the new console is named as Nintendo NX and is undergoing trial productions.

You would be shocked to read that even Pokémon GO’s CEO talked about this leak in an event stating it to be a home based console that would bring back the cartridge usage to console gaming.

Also the confirmation of Wii U’s production to be stopped was released by a Japanese Newspaper stating that its production would be stopped this year for sure and it really did.

Wii U's Production To End : Nintendo

Another statement by the newspaper stated that the new console wouldn’t be sold this year, so whether it be released by code name NX or any other “catchy” name, the Nintendo users won’t be blessed with a new home based console this year and would have to continue using their Wii U console or wait for new one to launch in 2017.

Although Nintendo has stated that they don’t know anything about any device named NX, but like any other previous declines become true people are anticipating that even this one is going to be real for sure.

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