Cyber-criminals and web hackers are reported to lure WhatsApp users in the name of “activating video calling feature” for their account and asking them to click over a link to do the same. The report states that clicking over those links can make your personal data vulnerable to those hacktivists which can further manipulate it according to their need.


You might have also encountered a wave of messages around the social media messaging platform WhatsApp that asks you to click over a link to activate firm’s new feature, WhatsApp Video Calling over your device. If you ignored the message and headed to update your application over your dedicated app store then you are good to go as all these messages are fake.

WhatsApp malicious link

According to a recent report released by The Sun newspaper, today hackers and cyber criminals are luring the WhatsApp users by the name of enabling Video calling for their account by making them click over a link stating to activate the same, if a user clicks over it then his device compromises with the hacker and without the knowing of the user all his data becomes accessible to the same which could further be used by the hacktivists at the “right” time.

To recall, WhatsApp recently introduced video calling over their application that is amazingly competitive to the already running applications that are mainly for video calling only like Skype, Imo and Google Duo.


Many users are still unaware that this feature is officially released for now and could be enabled by downloading an update from the dedicated app store; hackers are making use of this thing only to compromise their victim’s data.

If you ever counter anything like this then simply educate the one spreading that thing about the realiy of the matter and avoid clicking over these kind of links. No official updates of application are released over a website.


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