A foreign hacker group has managed to hack into The Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s computer system. The breach resulted in compromising a lot of official documents as well as manipulation of various Governmental networks. This was stated in a report by ABC News.

In-Depth Analysis

It is being reported that a group of some foreign hackers that are still under tracking have hacked into the secured computer systems of The Australian Bureau of Meteorology and have managed to compromise various important documents related to the Australian Government, also they were this much successful that they managed to even compromise other Government networks. The name of either the documents or the compromised Government networks are not revealed from either end.

Hackers Stole Sensitive Data from Australian Bureau of Meteorology

According to the experts’ speculations the main motto of the hackers could have been commercial, strategic or it could have been both, however, nothing about even their motto is known to the Government for now.

According to the report by ACSC, the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) had detected suspicious activity on two of their bureau’s networks.  The report stated, “On investigation, ASD identified the presence of particular Remote Access Tool (RAT) malware popular with state-sponsored cyber adversaries, amongst other malware associated with cybercrime.”

The ACSC said that “The RAT had also been used to compromise other Australian government networks,” in between the time duration of January 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. In this particular time duration the ASD found out 1,095 cyber security incidents on government systems which were considerably “serious enough to warrant operational responses” and needed “much attention from Government’s end”.

Also there had been news that the officials had been blaming China for each and every happening to which Beijing Government totally denied off.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology systems hacked

However, the agencies are still searching for traces and are stating that “soon” the people as well as the motive behind all this would be out.


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