Google Inc. has come forward towards removing fake news websites from its popular ad network named AdSense. This move was initiated watching the growing criticism over social media playing an amidst role in selling out fake news to their readers causing misleading actions.

Fake news websites are all over the internet which educates people the wrong way. Many a times these websites are made in a mocking way to mock someone but sometimes this nature of “Fake News” websites is manipulated in a wrong manner to spread some serious news to the masses with totally manipulated facts. Former President of America, Barack Obama came forward and spoke over this matter while addressing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and after his speech people started taking things more severely.

Watching the adverse amount of criticism towards social media’s evident role in “selling” fake news, Google came forward and made an announcement to shut down the monetization of all the news websites using its popular ad network, AdSense to monetize the fake news they are selling.

Google to ban fake news sites

According to a report issued by the search engine giant on Monday, Google will ban all the websites from its ad network whose articles impose to sell out misleading information to their users. A statement on the same from a spokesman for the firm states, “Moving forward, we will restrict ad serving on pages that misrepresent, misstate, or conceal information about the publisher, the publisher’s content, or the primary purpose of the web property.”


According to the company they already were against of scam related news like, “Weight-Loss Scams and False Drug Promises” and this update will only extend it further in cutting down the revenue scale of fake news sites to zero at least from AdSense’s side.

This move by Google is a much brave one and we expect to see the same done by other Content Monetization platforms real soon.


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