Recently, a report came in which it was stated that Google is going to rebrand its cloud services and its G Apps service under two different names and now we are really having that report come true.

Google has rebranded both of its services, now, everything that was based on Google’s cloud services that included enterprise services and Google’s cheap notebooks namely Chromebooks will be under new service named as “Google Cloud”.

On the other hand the handful of applications by Google for public use including Docs, Sheets, Hangouts, Drive would come under “G Suite” tag.

Google Rebrands Enterprise Platform As Google Cloud, G suite

This change was necessary as stated by Google in a recent announcement that there are one billion active users that access their cloud services and the name should reflect the nature of the service offered.

Google was firstly reported to be naming its cloud services to “G Enterprise” so as to refer to enterprises that use their cloud based services but naming it to “Google Cloud” is somewhat more “broader” as it gives more future aspects rather than just aiming at enterprises.

G Suite as stated By Google reflects the collaborative working nature of the apps in the segment that helps in effective teamwork. Each of the products under G Suite, like Docs, Drive and Hangouts, promotes easier teamwork within work areas. With the new name there are two new features also included in these apps that are machine learning and natural language processing.

Google for public use including Docs, Sheets, Hangouts, Drive would come under “G Suite” tag.

Google is also planning to bring new and innovative features to these apps under G Suite to make it more “worthy” to its name.

With the update Docs will get the ability to refer to related documents while Calendar will be getting more of intelligent machine learning capability, and Drive will arrange files based on the meetings with enterprises’ co-workers. All this will help enterprises boost their performance.


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