It was a very long duration took by Google to announce its Google Play Music to be Active in India to be active in India. It was being rumored that the service will start in July this year but due to some reasons this was not feasible to perform at that time and now it is being again said that this service will be live in India “for sure” very soon by Google officials. However, any “official announcement” is yet to made on the topic.

What actually is Google Play Music?

Google Play Music Service soon to be Active in India

Google Play Music, will be a platform where users would be able to buy their favorite music tracks online from Google. Till now, this service was vastly in demand from Android users as they were the “only” quota of users not having any “online subscription” platform from their Os Maker.

The Play Music will let you buy every kind of music you love to hear, be it Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil or Telugu. There will be “Regional Section” to select songs from your “preferred” language.

It will also be featuring various charts listing top songs and albums broadly categorized, such as “Best of Bollywood, Indian Pop Hits, For the Kids, International Music” and various more categories to choose from.


The announced pricing details are fixed at Rs. 15 per song whereas an entire album will cost you as low as Rs. 70 and maximum up to Rs.210 which is much more than what Apple iTunes and Airtel Wynk charges from their users.

What’s More!

A song Pricing at Google Play Music
A song Pricing at Google Play Music

As of now, there is no plan of Google to announce the subscription based unlimited streaming radio service of Play Music in India but what is interesting is that users can transfer their local music to the app and listen it cross platform using their Gmail account login id.

Final Words

Google made a big mistake to launch this service this late as there are already lots of competitors of Play Music and looking at the price chart too it is not really digestible that why anyone would purchase from them if cheaper options are out there.

But only time will tell who is going to survive.


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