Google Chrome is a web browser that is preferred all over the world but it is known for one more thing and that’s due to the way it consumes the RAM. Google Chrome has been well known to consume all your battery in a faster way and RAM as well.

In-Depth Analysis

Ask anyone what browser he/she uses and mostly you’ll get only one answer that is obviously the Google Chrome Browser. Google Chrome is fast, stable, and lesser prone to hacks by phishing as it blacklists every other website that is found malicious.

Google Claims That Google Chrome 55 Would Be Consuming Lesser RAM

But there’s one thing that becomes the major reason for cutting Google Chrome from favorites list and that is the way it consumes your entire RAM and makes your PC slow and laggy if it’s of lesser configuration. One more thing it does is due to more RAM consumption, more power is used and lesser battery juice is left with you making you to search for a power source very soon.

But according to Google, they have got it fixed in the new Google Chrome update which is named as Chrome 55 by now. The new and enhanced as well as updated Chrome engine is made to consume lesser RAM and ultimately benefitting you with more of RAM as well as lesser power consumption leaving battery juice for other processes as well.

According to Google, the new Chrome Browser would be able to leave as much as 50% of RAM left with you than the last version did. For example if the last update used 200MB of RAM then the new Chrome 55 is capable of doing all that work in only 100MB that too without compromising with bandwidth or workability.

Google Chrome 55 to use less RAM

If this happens then it would be amazing for people with low spec computers to come up and have the Chrome experience. The new update would be hitting the public in December so till then just wait for it to come.

Ps: I’m not leaving my Mozilla Firefox anyways.


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