Google is planning to bring an update for its much used Browser, Google Chrome but that update is going to come for Smartphones only and that too for those which are running on Android OS. The tests are running over Google Chrome’s Developer Build version.

As the days are passing we are watching that Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. Now it’s difficult to find any “worth your money” device below 5 inches screen size and that’s true too. Majority of the Smartphone users prefer to use a device with a pretty big display (Forget Apple’s Claims saying that majority of the Smartphone users love to use a 4-inch Smartphone. We all know Apple SE was a big flop, the day it launched). But with big display comes “handling” problems too, not everyone’s hands are very big to hold it completely which makes it difficult to perform some tasks with only one hand free out of two. Watching this problem only it seems like Google will soon be releasing a new Chrome update for all its Android users who love to use their device with one hand only.

Google Chrome for Android might be getting an Update for One-Handed Use

AndroPolice wrote in a report that one of their authors found out that in the Google Chrome Developer’s edition some testing is going on which places its controls at the bottom of the screen whenever the person holds its device in one hand. This might look as a small change but this will help a lot of people as with a big device browsing the internet with one hand was really a tough task as if we’ll go to the top of its screen to search anything then we might lose the grip to our Smartphone and watch it falling. To counter this only Google seems to bring this new update in Chrome that when holding the phone in one of your hands, places the tab switcher just beside your thumb so that you can switch tabs without stretching your hands.

We don’t know whether this might be hitting the stable version or not but we wish to watch it come real soon.


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