Google made an update on its iOS application for those iPhone users who always are in “privacy crises” and don’t want their family and friends to know where and why they were browsing that particular web page. This “private search ability update” will roll out today for the iOS.

Incognito Mode Was Always there in iPhones then Why This?

Google App Update for iOS

I know you might be thinking that what’s the need of this “unworthy” update as now incognito mode is a very small thing and every other device is having it and even iPhone’s in the list but the interesting thing about this update is not the incognito browsing part but it all revolves around securing your opened tabs and private searches with “Touch ID” present in your Apple Device.

With this new update your all of the private searches as well as the opened private tabs would be secured with a security layer of asking for entering “Touch ID” without this even if your phone remains unlocked with someone else then there is no need to worry as that particular person would not be able to check what or what not, you have visited recently on your iPhone.

Google App's New Update for iOS Users lets them Browse Privately

As we all know there is a need to close open private tabs “manually” as Google itself doesn’t clears them and always warns you with a statement stating, “Going incognito doesn’t hide your browsing from your employer, your internet service provider, or the websites you visit.”  then it may happen that you accidently leave the application without even closing those tabs and end up giving your device to someone else and then face the consequences but with this update even when phone is unlocked and the device is in some other’s hands without your “Touch ID” those tabs won’t be shown to the user making your browsing experience much more “private” and “secured”.

This update will make “privacy concerns” of people lighter.


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