Previously this year we saw Google making announcement of launching 2 of the “game changing” social networking platforms, namely Google Allo and Google Duo at the Google I/O event back in May 2016. While Google Allo is still in “developmental” phase, Google Duo found its way to release and we saw it getting finally released on 16 August 2016.

Now to advertise the same, Google is taking a step forward that it had taken one time before to advertise a product of its back in 2012.

What is that step?

In Depth Analysis

According to technology media website, Andro Police, Google Inc. is advertising their video calling social media service on their Official Home Page.

This is the second time Google is using its homepage to be used to advertise any product, before this it was used back in 2012 by Google to promote their Nexus 7 tablet and this time in 2016 it is being used to promote a video calling social media platform.

Google Duo
A screenshot of Google homepage with “Google Duo” links

We usually see outside links on Google only if there is any natural calamity or anything alarming that needs to be reached to a lot of people in a few seconds because we all know is a search engine that 99% of us use daily.

However, it was also stated by Andro Police that this “advertisement” may not be seen in every countries’ Google homepage and is being advertised usually for Google USA homepage and will usually show in US region only.

As per the report the short banner under Google search reads as “Face-to-face with just a tap. Try Duo, simple video calling for Android and iOS.”

This move will grab attention of loads and loads of users coming to search something on Google ending up seeing this.

Google Duo App
Google Duo App

Google Duo in just 3 days after its official launch grabbed the “Top Charts” in Google Play store and when compared with other video calling applications, I myself found out it to be easy, simple and neat and clean to use.

These traits of the application will surely grab attention of a lots of people.

Have you used Google Duo?

How was your experience?

Tell us in the comment section below.

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