Qwiklabs, a cloud platform training startup is finally acquired by the search engine giant, Google Inc. The financial terms of this deal are not yet disclosed and as per statements Google has acquired this firm to get hands on experience to cloud environment and that’s what this firm was made for. Qwiklabs whose basic work is to offer hands-on cloud lab learning environments for cloud platforms and infrastructure vendors. Qwiklabs was founded in 2012 and since then it works in offering step-by-step instructions to the related so that they can learn the cloud service and also test different use cases in order to train as a whole. Their platform could be used to train your cloud management team.google-qwiklabs-acquisition


Google wrote on its official blog post, “There’s no faster way to get hands-on experience with a cloud environment and to learn all the ins and outs of today’s modern cloud solutions than in a Qwiklabs lab.”

Obviously, this statement came after latter’s acquisition by the firm basically to “market” their new acquisition from a marketer’s point of view. But the stats define something else, according to some stats more than half a million users have spent over 5 million hours collectively in learning, the ways to deploy and manage multiple cloud technologies using Qwiklabs platform. Now that makes sense and gives sense to Google’s statement too.


In a blog post by Qwiklabs, they wrote that they will continue to offer lab learning credits and subscriptions for sale on their official website and those with existing credits or subscriptions can use their subscription first hand like they did at first. The post adds, “Our mission has been to transform technology learning from a passive watching experience to a hands-on doing experience.”

According to the startup joining the “pool” of Google will give them ‘more fuel to power the continued journey’.


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