Facebook has been told by Germany’s Government officials to not to collect data from WhatsApp being sent by those users who allowed WhatsApp to collect their personal data to be sent to Facebook servers so as to get “improved” and “enhanced” usage experience over both the platforms.

In Depth Analysis

In a statement released today by Germany’s privacy watchdog it was clearly mentioned that according to them Facebook being the parent company of WhatsApp is doing “an infringement of national data protection law.” of German Government.

It is also being stated that German Government has also asked WhatsApp to delete all the “already collected” private information of all the users. There should be no “private” data left of any German citizen on their servers whether they gave it intentionally, accidently or it was collected by the company itself.

Germany Government Orders WhatsApp to Stop Collecting Personal Data

Before WhatsApp was sold to Facebook in 2014, the co-founder of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, assured the users that their privacy would never be compromised and is safe with the new owner. However with the introduction of new “Privacy Policy” by WhatsApp we don’t seem to see Jan Koum’s words working anymore as in this privacy policy it was clearly mentioned that WhatsApp will collect user data including their phone numbers so that businesses can directly contact them and make “browsing experience” more enhanced. WhatsApp also stated that this new amendment will allow Facebook to deliver more friend suggestions and contact right businesses’ ads to show on your Facebook profile and this will also help removing fraudulent accounts and spam out of the website.

According to Johannes Caspar, the Data Protection Commissioner at Hamburg, Fb has not “obtained effective approval” of the privacy policy amendments from WhatsApp users and being collecting everyone’s data.

whatsapp data shared to Facebook

He also stated, “This administrative order protects the data of about 35 million WhatsApp users in Germany, It has to be their decision, whether they want to connect their account with Facebook. Therefore, Facebook has to ask for their permission in advance. This has not happened.”

However Facebook officials ended all the talks with a simple statement, “Facebook complies with EU data protection law, we will work with the Hamburg DPA in an effort to address their questions and resolve any concerns.”


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