Shipping presents has become an enjoyable experience for many people in the United States. A new device, The Most Wonderful Ornament, which has been launched on a trial basis, changes colours as per the delivery status of the parcel. When your parcel is in transit, the device glows blue, on delivery it turns red when delivered and a special green when opened by the receiver.
Isn’t that amazing? usps-the-most-wonderful-ornament-01

How USPS made Ornament Works?

The ornament is connected to the US Postal services server through the internet and a special sensor in the parcel sends a message to the server when the parcel is opened and lets the device glow green. This facility is still being run on a trial basis and hence will not be available widely at least another 8 – 10 months. However, there has been no timetable that has been set for it.
The device can be connected to your computer/ laptop to get regular updates and can be charged using a USB connector. The cool thing that USPS is suggesting is that you should hang this on your Christmas tree to get a really cool effect.

What many customers are happy about is that now there is no need to track your shipments on the phone/ over e-mail or over some fancy mobile application or website!!USPS ornament

This gives you the power to understand where your shipment is very easily. This is very useful for people who are not very comfortable with mobile applications or any other technology; i.e. mainly old or retired parents and grandparents. One look is all they need to know if their Christmas gifts have reached their grandchildren or not.
While many people are happy about it, most media tech commentators have trashed it as an expensive luxury or the worst gift of the season. The jury is open for that, but it’s definitely getting a lot of attention.


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