Driving a car is fun but when you’re doing it alone then it can become the worst experience too, going on long rides alone is scary as well as boring too. Keeping all these points in mind Toyota Motor Corp unveiled a doe-eyed palm-sized robot, who’s named as Kirobo Mini on Monday In Japan. Kirobo Mini is a “shrunk” version of the Kirobo robot that was sent in space a few years ago. This version is for those who want a cute companion with them while they drive.

What Basically Kirobo Mini Is?

Toyota Unveils a Car Companion Robot Kirobo Mini in Japan

Kirobo Mini is more of a baby and lesser of a robot, it’s like having a new born baby in your car which constantly keeps an eye on you and judging every action you perform. “He wobbles a bit, and this is meant to emulate a seated baby, which hasn’t fully developed the skills to balance itself, This vulnerability is meant to invoke an emotional connection.” This was stated by Fuminori Kataoka who is the Chief Design Engineer of Kirobo Mini.

To get hands on this cute high pitched voiced baby robo, the people would have to pay “big” price as Toyota plans to sell Kirobo Mini for 39,800 yen which is around 392 dollars. Also you would get a “cradle” for him to sit in while you drive talking with him.

Although, for a small baby robo this price maybe more but who won’t love a cute robo like that?

Kirobo Mini

According to Toyota this robo will rock the local markets next year; this means people would have to wait some more months for Kirobo Mini.

As we all know that Japan has already been looking forward towards new technologies and from offices, restaurants, homes and now even in their cars you can found a companion without a heart but with some soft “circuits”.

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