A new venture has launched the Skeye Nano 2 and it is World’s Smallest FPV (First Person Viewer) Drone Camera. It is touted as the “flying Selfie camera” and is available at an introductory launch price which is way lesser than the retail price of this product.

We all loved to watch Science Fiction movies in childhood and that drone spying part was my personal favorite and I guess everyone loved that too. Those small drones that are hard to catch used to do various “big” tasks caught everyone’s eyes. If you were one of those who wanted to grab one for them then wake up the time has come.

Skeye Nano 2 has launched in the market as “World’s Smallest FPV (First Person Viewer) Drone Camera” and it really is very small. The drone camera as marketed by the company is best for group selfies and photography.

Skeye Nano 2

The Skeye Nano 2 comes with an HD-capable camera that is Wi-Fi controlled, allowing first person view in real-time. The camera comes with a controller allows the user to control and sync the Nano 2 with his/her Smartphone through Wi-Fi. The drone is able to fly precisely as it comes with gyroscope sensitivity for precise flying.

The price that Nano 2 holds for itself is not declared but an introductory price is there for sure that makes the range start from 99 dollars and ending it at 129$ for the highest rated model. The website selling the same also claims to do worldwide shipping for free which means you can grab a Nano 2 for yourself for as low as 99$ keeping aside the hassles of paying extra shipping charges from any part of the world.

Skeye Nano 2 has smallest drone camera

We have also seen some of its competitors in the range like the Parrot drones and the Disco drone. Both of them are good at their work but the mark of being world’s smallest FPV drone camera is grabbed by Skeye Nano 2.


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