We are hearing everywhere about the recent occurrences of battery explosions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which also led to various bans in several countries including ban of taking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on Indian flights by Indian Government. But what was the main reason behind this major battery issues in the premium flagship device by Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung know the Cause of Battery Overheating in Note 7

Let’s Read What Samsung Has To State On The Topic

On Samsung Mobiles UK website, Samsung wrote: “Based on our investigation, we learned that there was an issue with the battery cell. An overheating of the battery cell occurred when the anode-to-cathode came into contact, which is a very rare manufacturing process error”.

Samsung added something new in its statement, “Although this is isolated to a battery cell issue, we are prioritizing the safety of our customers first, so we are voluntarily replacing Galaxy Note7 devices with a new one”.

“While we have found a low risk probability of the issue occurring, at Samsung we believe that your safety is paramount and we would prefer you not to take any risks. We encourage Galaxy Note 7 consumers to take advantage of the exchange programme”

A case from Australia may shock you where an Australian man Tham Hua, who was visiting Western Australia, was left with severe burns when his Samsung Note 7 exploded as he slept in his hotel room.

Tham said his Galaxy Note 7 exploded in his hotel room, bursting into flames.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

“My brand new Note 7 exploded this morning while I was still asleep, it was plugged in and charging, Phone completely fried… Samsung told me this is the first case in Australia. It charred the hotel room bed sheet and the carpet when I whacked it down to the floor, burnt one of my fingers while doing that too,” Hua posted on a technology forum.


Samsung really played a smart move by providing exchange opportunity to gain lost faith of its existing customers but still it won’t be enough to build back the trust and faith many had lost because if even their premium devices are not safe then how can we expect even mediocre safety measures from their mid range devices.



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