Several reports and sources have been pointing out that Google is all set to dump Nexus lineup. So, now it is confirmed that Google is going to launch Google Pixel and out with Nexus. The upcoming Google Pixel is coming along with Pixel XL. Google is said to bring its smartphones under Google brand in upcoming weeks. Though, the latest rumour says confirming an exact launch date that on October 4 2016, the search engine giant is launching Pixel XL and Pixel a new smartphone lineup under its brand.

Google to dump Nexus, Next lineup will be Google Pixel

Google to dump Nexus

Believing this news means the highly rumoured smartphones of Google – Sailfish and Marlin will come with Pixel moniker, not Nexus models. So, if it is true then it is certainly an end of Nexus smartphone lineup indeed.

Among smartphone lovers, Nexus devices enjoyed a great appreciation as it had been a favourite model for users who seek pure android feel with a smartphone as it featured stock build Android and gives timely updates. If it is actually an end of Nexus journey, then the news may certainly disappoint many Nexus users.


The upcoming smartphone under Google brand – Pixel is supposed to have an attractive 5 inches display; however, the Pixel XL will be a larger one with 5.5 inches panel. Both of these models are manufactured by HTC with similar internals except the display size, battery, and screen resolution.

It looks that these models are designed quite in line with Pixel C and Chromebook Pixel tablet. Moreover, as per Android Police, Google may also reveal a powerful 4K supporting Chromecast along with DayDream View which is a Daydream VR device.

This is all about Google to end its journey with Nexus as is going to resume a new journey with Pixel – the upcoming smartphone lineup under Google brand from next month.


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